Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pajama Pants in Public

Yesterday at Chick-fil-A I saw a young man dressed in a bathrobe, his bare knees and hairy legs sticking out. He didn’t appear sick or weak, so I don’t know why he wore a bathrobe to a restaurant. To shock people? Laziness?

My response? I laughed, thought, “He’s an idiot,” and went on with my lunch.

I know people get freaked out about how others dress in public. The pajama-pants in public craze is one I don’t understand, but I’m not going to lose my joy over someone else’s low standards. Bathrobe-boy didn’t spoil my chicken nugget experience. I just didn’t care.

Okay, I must admit, I do have some standards. I’ve never liked underwear-exposing styles. Or young women dressed like hookers. Or bare shoulders in church. But pajamas are just—silly. If people are brave or crazy or lazy enough to dress like that, that’s their dignity dragging its ragged hem along the floor. Why should it ruin my day?

A male friend of mine hated those long banana clips women used (and still may) to clip their hair into a fluffy, cascading tail. He fretted and stewed and complained that it showed their total lack of care about their looks. The clips didn’t bother me—I thought they were kind of cute. But I hated those short, curly perms briefly popular in the 80s, a wash-and-go style that I thought made a woman look like she’d simply given up on a hairdo and now was going for something that stayed out of her eyes. I used to have a boss who hated sandals and open-toed shoes, and wanted to ban them from the very-casual workplace so he wouldn’t have to see toes.

You never know what’s going to bother people.

So, what about you? What styles bug you? If you had the power to eliminate a style/look/hairdo from the world, what would you choose?

As for me, sandal season officially began yesterday. You toe-haters out there stand warned.


  1. The new/old use of leggings as pants. Yuck. Leave something to the imagination ladies! Put some clothes back on! I want to fine every one I see sporting those things with barely a t-shirt on top. They're passable under a skirt or dress, but solely as the only thing you're going to wear on your legs? Nope, I ain't buying it. People are crazy.

  2. Definitely, the baggy, oversized pants that show underwear (or lack of it) tops my list. Teenaged boys wearing those look so tacky. (Actually, ANYBODY wearing those looks tacky!) I always hated the heavy dark eyeliner paired with colorless or whitened lips that was popular in the 60's. It made every woman look like a hooker. Also hate the wide-legged pants, and the use of colors like orange, brown, and neon shades. But, like you, Valerie, I don't let that darken my day. Life's too short.

  3. Sweatpants or anything that tapers. I promise, unless you're teeny tiny, it isn't flattering!

  4. If people want to look ridiculous and shop in their pj, like you said, it's their dignity they don't respect. As long as those people are not related to me, I'm good with it.