Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Makes Us Crazy

Recently stumbled on a “rant” about the font used for the titles for the movie “AVATAR.” Apparently the font Papyrus (check your MS Word fonts—it’s there) is held in low esteem by many people. My first reaction was, come on, this is what you’re upset about? This is what you get passionate enough about to devote a blog to it? With all the real issues in the world, this is what you’ve decided makes you crazy? On a scale of one to ten, my concern about the font was zero; it does not affect my life/happiness/comfort level at all.

Okay, I must admit, I hate Courier. When people in my writer’s group bring stories printed in that nearly-unreadable font, I cringe. But there’s a difference between a fleeting, private cringe and a public flogging.

I find it interesting to notice what drives others over the edge. Maybe it’s because I’ve developed a Zen-like calm about most things. Traffic? It’ll clear up. Someone stole my parking space? Oh, well, I need the walk anyway. Someone in the 10-or-fewer grocery line with 15 items? So what? My husband’s company keeps letting people go and restructuring? All right, that one worries me a little.

Do you “go off” about stuff? What drives you crazy? What drives others crazy but doesn’t bother you? If you hate the font I’m using, sorry. It’s automatic with the blog and I can’t change it. And it doesn’t bother me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January (A)Musings

Writing fiction for publication is like throwing pennies in a fountain for wishes. Either one is a long shot. Often, beginning writers think that all they have to do is write it and then sell it. That’s like saying all you have to do to become a major league baseball player is to hit a ball in the backyard and boom—there you’ll be. (Should I be snide here and say you’ve forgotten a necessary component—performance-enhancing drugs? Sorry—cheap shot.)

Even knowing it’s a long shot, I still remain hopeful that I’ll be one of the lucky few, the princess whose fairy godmother shows up and restores her rightful place in the kingdom and ensures her “happily ever after.” I’m not optimistic about winning the lottery or waking up thin or a Nigerian prince giving me a large share of his wealth, but I do hold a spark of hope that someday I will see my novels on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble and Borders.

I like January. It’s a time of establishing goals, making resolutions, mentally cleaning house. If I were ever going to quit writing, I would probably do it in January, swearing it off like chocolate milkshakes or cigarettes or a joy-sucking relationship, But this year I’m diving headfirst again, wallowing, giving myself permission to be giddily hopeful that this, this might be the year!

So, what about you? Do you feel the need to do some mental housecleaning, to throw out the junk that weighs you down or holds you back? Is it a time of re-defining yourself? Does January fill you with hope?