Monday, May 7, 2012

I Love Lucy Moments

Okay, now that I survived, I’ll confess.

A couple of weeks ago I defrosted some shrimp to sauté. Before I cooked them I dipped one in cocktail sauce and ate it. Just ate the shrimp, picked up another to dip in more cocktail sauce, and then realized what I’d done.

I had forgotten I was dealing with raw shrimp, not reheating pre-cooked frozen shrimp.

Raw shrimp. In my mouth. Now in my stomach.

I told myself people eat raw fish all the time. They sell sushi in grocery stores for heaven’s sake! I told myself I’d eaten it without gagging so there was no sense in feeling queasy now. I told myself if I didn’t come down with food poisoning I’d take my secret to my grave; my husband and kids do not need more proof that I’m losing it.

I waited to see if my innards rebelled at such callous treatment. Fought the urge to confess the latest in my I Love Lucy moments. Resisted looking up all the dire things raw shrimp could do to my delicate digestive system.

And I lived.

Does that make me want to eat sushi? No. No it does not. I don’t even like to eat poached fish, or fish baked without some sort of coating. In most cases, I demand some texture to my ventures in fish food.

Will I be more careful in the future? Honestly, I might forget and do it again someday. And if I do, one way or another, I’ll carry that occurrence to my grave.


  1. I once knew a man who ate cooked shrimp, but without removing the shell. He'd eaten several before someone showed him his mistake. Kind of makes you wonder where he'd been for forty-fifty years.

  2. Your story reminds me of the time my daughter (age four) led my mother to a platter of sausage bites on toothpicks and whispered, "Grandma, don't eat the sticks."

  3. I never have let our son forget the time he decided maybe he should give shrimp a try. He was around 16 at the time, and before I could stp him, he popped the whole thing, tail and all, in his mouth. His response? Kinda crunchy!

    Ya think?

    PS Valerie, all I can say is that must have been some strong cocktail sauce!

  4. Barbara--Yes, it was pretty good sauce!

  5. Really - I thought the only place to get cocktail shrimp was a fancy restaurant...

  6. Marilyn--My house sometimes IS a fancy restaurant! No, more like Mama's Country Kitchen. Good food, not pretty food.