Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Dang Hot!

This heat is brutal, with mid- to upper 90s day after day after livelong day. Although I water them obsessively, my hanging baskets of flowers wouldn’t look out of place surrounded by sand, cacti, and dried longhorn cattle skulls. The short walk over black parking lot to the grocery store feels like a stroll through the fires of hell. Health-walking is best done prior to 8 A.M., lest you dehydrate.

It’s too dang hot!

Yes, I know I live in South Carolina. And I know it’s summer. And yeah, yeah, if I hate heat so much, why did I ever leave Michigan? Oh, stop. You’re getting on my last nerve, which means you’re too dang close, especially in this heat. No one should have to suffer this heat day after day, especially the girl who used to get heat rashes in Michigan.

If you’re sitting in the bow of a fast-moving boat, cutting across a beautiful lake, an ice-cold bottle of water in hand, with huge dollops of sun screen rubbed into your exposed parts, the heat can be tolerated. If, however, you’re grilling over hardwood charcoal on your South-facing patio, or taking a walk, or experiencing the 3:30 P.M. Farmer’s Market in town, it’s too hot. I can’t imagine how the workers building a house down the street manage. I should go over and turn the water hose on them—they’d probably erect a shrine in my honor.

Maybe I’ll go turn the hose on myself. The shrine-erecting can come after. Possibly in October.


  1. Michigan isn't so great right now either ! Too hot and muggy ! No point in showering anymore and hair and humidity - well it's just lovely. Throw a few storms in there so you loose power and have no air and no one wants my company. I want snow and Christmas shopping...

  2. I just finished a hose-down with my five-year-old grandson. It was pretty refreshing for both of us. Try it!

  3. I'm with you. And thank God all the broken ACs in my life are now repaired.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Valerie. I HATE summer !! It seems unbelievable to me that at one time I enjoyed summer. As a child, I ran around outside barefooted, the grass soft in the sun and cool in the shade, the bare dirt of our garden delicious to squeeze between my toes. Then when I was a teenager, I whiled away the sultry afternoons lying on my stomach on the cool hardwood floor, reading under a ceiling fan, the windows wide open to the warm breeze. Even the warm humid nights, like a fleshy companion who sits too close, were bearable then. Now in summer I feel as if I am staked out on a bronze anvil with salt in my mouth, the glaring sun is roasting my eyeballs, and my get-up-and-go has gone into summer hibernation. A cabin on the lake in Michigan sounds wonderful - let's go!

  5. Valerie, I had a student last week who said that he asked a farmer from the mid-region of the state how he managed to survive all of his life farming in this heat.(We have it cool compared to the mid-region, just so you know.)

    His answer? Weather is just something people talk about. I don't have time for that.

    Yikes! I'm with you. It's way too hot. We're not supposed to be this warm this early or this long.

  6. The week at Red Bird in the Kentucky mountains was just as hot as it has been here. I think the local Walmart now needs a new shipment of bottled water!
    However, you know me. I don't like the cold at all, so I never complain about the heat. As long as I can find a little breeze, I'm happy.

  7. Hi Valerie - Thank you so much for visiting Mommy Lite and leaving a comment! You should know, Foot Frogs are the latest rage. They're taking the place of toe rings and thong sandals. :) Best, Sarah